“Dance with Danni classes are sociable and fun, great exercise and teach the children a really valuable lesson in self-discipline. Memorising dance routines, listening carefully to instructions and cooperating with peers in a group effort are skills all young people need to succeed in life. My daughter attends classes in Street, Tap, Contemporary, Cheerleading and Irish dance and never wants to miss a single lesson. When the school holidays come she complains she wants to go to dance classes because she misses it so much! Danni and EJ are both excellent teachers with a passion for their craft and a good rapport with the children. The dance routines are well choreographed and thoughtfully arranged around the abilities of children in the class. Each child is considered as an individual rather than just a face in a group. Most importantly,and as frequently occurs in some dance schools, younger classes are not given to older pupils to mind or even teach; they are always taught properly by the qualified teacher in charge.”

—Sally Erkul

“I chose Dance with Danni dance school for my daughter because Danni encouraged funand enjoyment of dance lessons. My daughter has had lessons from Danni and her teachers for about 8 years and during that time the efforts and hard work of Danniand her team has always shown through. My daughter’s confidence has grown over the years and she has had some great life experiences such as performing at the Royal Albert Hall and Paris. Danni works hard to provide good dance experiences for the girls in her classes too. My daughter has learned to appreciate different styles of music and enjoys trying new things in lessons along with making some very good friends. The dance school has given her the confidence to face other challenges in her life and provided a direction to focus during the stressful teenage years! Danni’s adult classes provide a fun social atmosphere to become more fit and gain new friends too.”

— Jennie Underwood, Walmer, Kent.

“I have two girls who attend many classes with Dance with Danni, for them it’s the only place to be. Not only do they enjoy their lessons but their dance teqniques are coming along beautifully. They are achieving extremely high grades in their exams. They are taught a wide variety of styles and are given the opportunity to show case their achievements, not only at the annual show but also in London at various venues (The Royal Albert Hall in 2012) and Disneyl and Paris. Dance with Danni is a school that is going from strength to strength and as a mum I am very proud that my girls are a part of it!”

— Deborah Forsyth, Sandwich, Kent.

“Danni has an incredible gift in bringing out the best in all those she teaches – her positive and motivational approach is perfect for our girls. My daughter is more confident in her dancing, looks forward to her lessons, is achieving great exam results and all because she is taught well by someone who believes and encourages her every dance step of the way!!!!”

— Jennie Cooper, Walmer, Kent

“My daughter had been taught ballet by Danni for 6 years when she decided to branch out into other styles of dance. She started with street dance, has since progressed to team and is about to start learning tap dancing and cheerleading. Dance with Danni is dynamic and progressive,and new classes are being introduced all the time. Danni and role models for young people, they make dance fun but also have high standards, which means that their students become confident, accomplished performers. Danni provides amazing opportunities for her students – my daughter has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and will perform at Disneyl and Paris in 2013 as well as in the annual show. Danni’s passion for dance is infectious and inspiring to all her students.”

— Claire Rouse, Deal, Kent

Dance with Danni is an amazing Dance school for all ages and abilities, both of my daughters love going. The dance teachers Danni, Vicki and Kayley are brilliant teacher’s and all the children love them equally.

The children have the opportunity to attend competitions and with Dance with Danni they always bring home medals, this is great for the children to show case there abilities within dance.

As a mother i feel it’s important that my children keep fit instead of being on their iPads doing nothing.

— Lisa Running

Dance with Danni is a superb dance school that provides amazing opportunities for all pupils! My daughters first started ballet aged three, and now, aged ten, they participate in a variety of fantastic classes including tap, street dance, contemporary and cheer. They look forward to their lessons each week and their confidence as dancers has grown immensely which is truly down to the incredible teachers at Dance with Danni. They are extremely professional, friendly and caring and offer engaging and exciting lessons (delivered to the highest of standards), which I believe, allows all of their pupils to progress and excel. I highly recommend Dance with Danni, not only for the amazing opportunities they have given my daughters, but for developing their confidence and enjoyment of dancing.

— Becky Bruce